Mindfulness for Mothers

Be the mom you WANT to be

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What would it mean for YOU if you could...

* take care of yourself in ways that are truly nurturing?

* reduce the drama and yelling, and have more peaceful interactions with your kids?
* calmly respond to the stressful moments of parenting, instead of flipping out and over-reacting
This powerful online course gives you the guidance, support, and tools you need to start your mindfulness practice... and to become a mindful mama!

If you're a busy, overwhelmed mama, you need this course!

Because we get good at what we practice...
and we're always practicing something!

When we repeatedly practice the super-busy, stressed-out and overwhelmed version of parenting, that’s what we get really good at, and what we continue to do.

With mindfulness we cultivate a new practice: we can truly BE THERE for our children, with our loving, compassionate presence.

What You'll Learn in Mindfulness for Mothers


Week One: Mindful Mama

❊ learn what mindfulness is -- and what it is not -- with detailed, no-nonsense instructions for starting your own practice (so there's no worry about "Am I doing it right???")

❊ find out why I think mindful motherhood is far more important than mindful parenting

discover the three essential qualities we cultivate with mindfulness practice, so you can focus on what's important, and meet each moment with ease

❊ develop, or deepen, your personal meditation practice to cultivate greater calm and balance in your days

❊ learn powerful practices for dealing with your thoughts and emotions ~ so they don't get the better of you!

❊ explore how mindfulness can be applied to the day-to-day work of parenting so mothering feels easeful, not stressful!


Week Two: Nurtured Mama

❀ create a self-care plan to nurture yourself and recharge your batteries, so you have the energy and internal resources to care for your children

❀ learn why self-care should be about refuge, and not "vacation" ~ and how you can build refuge into your day

❀ find out how to MAKE time for yourself (instead of trying to FIND it!) — even in your “busy mama” life!

❀ design your personal self-care strategy from my menu of over 60 nurturing, do-able, mama-friendly practices so you feel energized each day, instead of depleted

❀ discover research-based practices that support joyful and meaningful living (including the happiness formula) so you can live your best possible life!

❀ embrace self-kindness and self-compassion, and lose the guilt over “me-time”


Week Three: Calm Mama

♥︎ learn mindfulness practices that help you keep your cool when your kids are fired up, so you can ditch the drama, mama!

♥︎ investigate and work with your “triggers” ~ a.k.a., you'll literally figure out how to "stop sweating the small stuff"

♥︎ learn simple practices for developing greater emotional awareness and working with your emotions ... because it's when we resist or fight the emotions that we suffer

♥︎ explore the latest research on stress (hint: stress is a given, but being stressed out is OPTIONAL! ... so I'll teach you how to opt out!)

♥︎ discover soothing and helpful mantras and calming practices for tense mama moments, so you can respond instead of react, and handle difficult situations with grace

♥︎ discover how your personal history and experiences influence the way you parent — and how you can use this insight to be the parent you want to be


Week Four: No-Drama Mama

❧ discover mindfulness-based parenting techniques that support your child's emotional and cognitive development, so discipline truly becomes a teaching tool

❧ explore — and practice — positive, mindful discipline strategies (that actually work!)

❧ learn how to communicate more effectively with your children ~ so you can ditch the yelling and threatening!

❧ discover the most important first step in effective discipline (it's often the LAST thing we think to do!)

❧ develop strategies for repairing ruptured relationships ~ because it's not about being perfect! We all make mistakes...


Weeks Five and Six: Mindful Mama, Mindful Monkeys

Wrap up this course with TWO weeks devoted to teaching mindfulness to your children, and making mindfulness a family practice.

✮ discover what you need to know BEFORE you teach mindfulness to your kids

✮ learn age-appropriate techniques for teaching mindfulness to children ages 3-18

✮ choose from a variety of activities that teach children emotional awareness and self-regulation skills

✮ play mindfulness games with your kids (I've got some handouts just for them!)

✮ watch demo videos with me and my son -- perfect to watch with YOUR little monkeys!

But I'm so busy! I don't know if I have time for this course!

Well, kiss that worry goodbye because you will have FOREVER ACCESS to the course once you enroll!

Yes, I'm serious. I know you're a busy mom, so I know you may not have the time to get each lesson done each week.

And I know that a lesson that doesn't seem relevant to you right now may be exactly what you need to learn in six months... or in six years.

So once you register, you have all the time in the world! You can keep coming back to the videos, the guided meditations, the reflection prompts, and more, until you send your little one off to college.

This course is a game changer!

"Mindfulness for Mothers was a true game-changer for me. The emphasis on self-care and learning to understand your emotional triggers is essential for mothers, who so often put their own needs on the back burner and don't make the time to explore their own feelings. This course helped me to have compassion for myself AND my children, and it taught me how to respond rather than react, a practice that has helped me tremendously during high-stress parenting moments."

- Stephanie Sprenger, mother and writer at Mommy, For Real


How the Course Works

All of the content for the course is hosted online, and can be accessed from any device, anytime you need it!
You can work through the course at your own pace -- do one lesson a day, or perhaps do all of them on the weekend. It's up to you!
Each week's content includes:

Guided Meditations
gentle meditations especially for mothers, to help you relax and take care of yourself (you'll end the course with a nice library of guided meditations to choose from)
Written Lessons
learn how to bring peace and calm to your life... and read through the lessons whenever it's convenient for YOU!
Instructional Videos
easy-to-follow videos so you know EXACTLY what to do -- and the videos are short (like 10-20 minutes) so you can watch while the kiddos naps!
PDF Downloads
journaling pages for reflection, gaining insight about your triggers, and explring your identity as a mother


Take charge of your happiness, mama!

"I love the practical tips in this course! Thank you for always providing tangible and specific things we can do everyday! It really empowers me to take charge of my own happiness!"
Mindfulness for Mothers participant

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Money Back Guarantee: I have worked hard to make this the best course possible, but I know it may not work for everyone. If, after the first week, you realize this course just isn't for you, email me and I will give you a FULL REFUND, no questions asked!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a self-paced course?
Yes. The course content will be made available to you each week over six weeks. But you are always your own best teacher, and if you don’t have time to do a particular exercise, or you fall behind in the content, that’s okay! You will have "forever" access to the online course.
How much time will this course take?
Plan to spend about 15 minutes a day on the course content (videos, “funsheets,” or written material), plus time for your personal practice. I recommend people start slowly with mindfulness, so we’ll start with just five minutes a day. Each week I’ll gently encourage you to increase your daily practice time — but ultimately, how much time you spend is up to you. You are your own best teacher!
What's your cancellation policy? Do you offer refunds?
I have worked hard to make this an effective and powerful course, but I know that it's not for everyone. If you decide that the class isn’t right for you, you can request to cancel your registration, no questions asked. This must be done by the end of Week One, and you will receive a full refund. No refunds will be issued after Week One.
How is THIS online mindfulness course different from all the other ones out there?
Many online mindfulness classes are completely self-directed — once you sign up, you get a series of emails, videos, or audio files, and that’s it. You’re on your own to figure out how to fit it into your life, and there’s no opportunity for connection with others or your instructors. In Mindfulness for Mothers, you’ll go through the course with a community of mothers — you can ask questions and share comments on the lesson pages and connect with others beginning their mindfulness journey. You’ll also have lots of opportunities to ask me questions and get feedback from me — which you don’t always get in other online courses.
What qualifies you to teach mindfulness?
I have practiced and studied mindfulness for several years. I currently teach mindfulness to children, teens, and adults. I have been trained in the Mindful Schools curriculum and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, and I have completed a 300-hour, year-long training program to become a Mindful Schools Certified Instructor. I taught high school for 17 years — the many courses I have taught include Psychology and World Religions. Additionally, I write about mindfulness on my popular blog Left Brain Buddha, which has over 25,000 unique visitors each month. As the Executive Director of Brilliant Mindfulness, I teach mindfulness to students, teachers, parents, and children.
Will this course get rid of all my stress and make me happy all the time?
No. Mindfulness is not a cure-all. It does not eliminate the stressors in our lives. The power of mindfulness comes from learning to live in wise relationship with our thoughts and emotions. Studies indicate that people who practice mindfulness do experience less stress and report greater levels happiness. That said, no one is happy all the time, and no one can avoid stressful events! As with many things in life, your mileage with mindfulness may vary. But this course will give you brilliant guidance and direction for the journey!I like to say that mindfulness transforms how we relate to our life — and that’s life-changing!
I'm a dad. Can I take this course?
Certainly! As a mother, I write a lot about motherhood, and mindfulness has been a core component in developing my identity as a mother. The examples I use come from my experiences as a mom, and the course content is written with mothers in mind. That said, anyone who is a caregiver — moms, dads, grandparents — can benefit from developing a mindfulness practice and exploring how taking care of children is an important part of that practice.
Is there anyone who shouldn't take this course?
This course isn’t for everyone. Specifically, this course may not be for you if: 1) you are looking for a course with a strong religious component (either Buddhist, Christian, or something else); 2) you are not willing to put in the time to practice mindfulness; 3) you are struggling with significant depression or anxiety and are not currently in treatment — if this is the case, I strongly encourage you to contact a mental health provider (this course is not intended to replace therapy or other mental health services)

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